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OOC Journal Entry 1

(Dear god, 71 people following this blog and it doesn’t even do anything!  Guess that’s convenient for some people.  Ha ha.  Anyway, if you’re wondering what this is, I originally started thegoddamnrocketscientist on my main account and then made this so I could keep the shit ton of RP blogs on a different dash.

I may come back to this blog to do more journal entries and headcanon shit.

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Journal Entry 5

hello my memory lose self!  i had shera rite down how to spell that word that means to lose ur memory.  it’s called amesa shit! anmnesa fuck! amsiesa goddammit!! A M N E S I A! there! god!  rite in front of me and i stil mes it up. if ur wondering my amnesick self y i suck at speling so much.  dont wory u aint stupid, ur talents r n math. u built a rocket!  damn fine 1 2! so dont forget!

but u did. u suck.

alrite, birth was covered. so on2 the next part.

what is the next part?

childhood i guess.

lets see. so we covered that at the time i lived on Highwind Ranch. my folks owned the place and we had money but we wernt like most rich pepol i ended up meeting later on. we all worked. mama took care of me and the house, daddy worked the farm. it was a big farm. it still is. i only converted 1 of the fields 2 the rocket site.

most of the kids my age were imigrate kids from wutai. them and their folks were treated a lot more like workers then pepol some of the time. i didnt see this as a kid but looking back and being older and wiser i no it wasnt rite that their houses were smaller and they made way les money 4 probably 2 times the work.

i didnt no and i dont think the kids did either. it is probaly y i make sure evry1 in Rocket Town is happy and hellthy.

neway, i was a only child, but there were kids my age. i had a friend called benji. his real name was benjirou, but that was a mouthfull back then. still is i think. well long story short me and him aint friends no more so dont go looking for him.

but when we were it was nice. he was a good kid. we used to spend every waking minit 2gether somedays. spent the night a lot too. doing boy stuff. wrestling, telling scary stories, finding girls to make fun of bcause we liked them. it was a good time. every kid has got to have a best friend. specialy not having brothers or sisters.

1 day i told him about a crush he didnt like hering. then we werent friends no more.

he was stil a good guy tho. never told any1. heard he moved back 2 wutai a year or so after i left 4 junon 2 become a pilot. dont know what is going on with him now.

oh, something else i should get out of the way. just so you know brain damaged me. me and benji didnt spend all our time together. some time was 4 my mama.  she used to take me out 2 times a week. she said i needed 2 no a skill that wasnt 4 farm work. we would go dancing.  i actualy liekd it. at least until my daddy told me it was girly.  i didnt want to b any kind of girly, but my mama still dragged me out 2 it. i warn u of this bcause i dont think shes going 2 let something liek brain damage or memory lose get in the way of our montly dance night.

we head out to kalm and i take her dancing. it is 2 make up 4 not dancing at my wedding. she was very mad about that. eventually, she wore me down.  she always does. the cunt.

also dont call her that to her face. she aint afraid to wash my mouth out with soap still.

back 2 the story.

when i was 8 was when i became a man. my dad told me that. he sed as a man, i had to work. so it was off 2 the farm liek every1 else. it was hard at first. i had to wake up at 4 in the morning. now i always wake up at 4. have fun with that. it sucks.

i got real good at it though. i got real strong from it. and i learned lots about machinery. my daddy told me i was a natural. when i was a kid, i liked whenever my daddy said something nice 2 me. he dont talk a lot. even now.  just who he is.

i got 2 fly the crop duster after a while. that is when i new i wanted 2 be a pilot.

i always wanted 2 go 2 space.  it is 1 of my 1st memories. looking at the stars and wishing i was up there.

its getting older that i think had brought me closer 2 gaia.  as a kid, i would have rather floated away…

think thats all i got 4 now.

                                                     Captain cid highwind, Astronaut

Journal Entry 4

sher sed she relly liekd me riting about sum thing other then the rocket.  she thinks it mite b better if i use it to say personal things in. i don’t know about that but she sed it don’t have 2 b mushy, just les about rockets and more about me. i gues that werks.

neway, so i reckon since i am doing this, i should start from the begining rite? who nos. may b it wil help me out if i go in2 a coma…. or wuts that word called when you lose your memery?  well wut ever.  only me and sher ever read this, so it aint like it matters.

i was born in a place that is now called Rocket Town but it was not called that back then. it was called Highwind Ranch. b4 that it was called Sharp Ranch since it was my mamas farm and that was her last name. then she went and married my daddy, so the name got changed. when my mama’s parents died neway. that was b4 i was born.

febuary 22, 1975. nothing i no that was special ever happened on feb 22. bsides me being born and all.  sum1 had 2 make that day there own.  guess it was me.

so cidney reginald highwind was my birth name. bcuz my parents r terible peopol. who names there son cidney? tha’s a good quick way 2 get sum kind of ass beatin’ as a kid! and not liek i could go with reginald. somehow thats even wurs. reggy aint even better. it was a good thing my daddy called me cid.  or i could have been a cidney or a reggy my hole life.  terible. luckily, joinin’ shinRa, i could go with a hole new name if i wanted 2.  i jus’ dropped the reginald and the ney. no1 needed 2 know me by that.

thinking about it if i lose my memery, did i even need 2 put this part in here? it aint liek i wanna remember my real name!

god, i am so stupid sum times.

                                                            Captain cid highwind

                                                      not Captain cidney reginald highwind

thank god.

Journal Entry 3

i think a hole lot about differnt places i would liek to go, but i do not think it is the same 4 me as it is others.  i got a plane, i got a airship, i can go ware ever i want 2. sum times i end up going places that meant sum thing 2 me in the past.  sort of that nostalga feel. i think the thing that always sirprises me is when i go 2 places that i know mean things to my friends. 

it is almost liek 1 of those brain illnesses. mentil disorders? i get it n my head 2 do sum thing and i can’t stop myself. i resis and try 2 ignore it, but it wins eventuly. i have gon 2 north corel an’ dun sum walking around and met the peopol their.  seeing how i almost crashed a train in2 their down and all. visited cosmo canyon 2 get a look around that cave red told me about.  not sure if i was sposed 2 b their. no 1 was 2 happy about that. i visited lucy’s cave.  that was sum thing. she ain’t so spooky. went back 2 where that acient tempol was. stil a big hole n the ground.  always sort of gives me the creeps. specialy thinking about aerith. and that acient forest.  god i miss aerith a lot. don’t think i reely new her that well but i think i thout i’d get more of a chance.

bummed myself out there.

neway, if i was going 2 go newhere it wouldn’t be newhere on gaia.  i want to go back in2 space.  i want to go 2 the moon. and further then that. i want 2 visit the end of the universe.

i no that aint going 2 happen n my life time tho. the universe part at leest.

                                                                              Captain cid highwind

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Journal Entry …?

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Journal Entry 2

in here agan.  i have desided 2day that i will be breaking my teams in2 2 groups.  1 group wil start on the guidance system, theorizing and starting blueprints.  the very core 2 it at least.  sher wil b in charge of that group.  my group wil bgin on general thrust equation.  witch will look a lil sumthing like this.

at least 2 bgin with.  then we wil b working on derivation of the rocket equation by differential calculus analysis.

here is another exampol.

then derivation of the rocket equation by algebraic analysis (shown below) we can then determine the ideal rocket.

the ideal rocket will nturn b considered by six different factors

1 there r no twisting or turning “moment forces”; i.e., rocket moment force is zero

2 thrust T acts precisely at the rocket’s center of mass (cm)

3 the rocket and its propellant fuel mass are solely involved in upward y - direction translational rectilinear motion

4  there is a realistic assumption of constant fuel burn rate mplying constant thrust T

5  g, gravity acceleration, possesses negligible variation; i.e. g is assumed constant

6 n the beginning part of this analysis the rocket does not escape gaia’s gravity field. in a later part of this analysis, the rocket does indeed escape gaia’s gravity field.

its going 2 b fun!

                                                                    Captain cid highwind

Journal Entry 1

sher sed i should rite in a jurnal so i could keep my mind ative in down tiem.  with al the aging i plan 2 do.  this riting is 4 the birds.  i am a math nerd. plain and simpol. wut does she think i pay her 2 do? cook?  well gues i have her do that 2… but stil.

neway, i ain’t real sure wut i should put.

the new rocket project is just about to start.  i can already c it being slower than ShinRa No. 26 2 get off the ground, but n the end it wil b worth it.

that is al i got 4 now.

                                                                          2 the moon!

                                                                                 Captain cid highwind